A MRI-3D brain atlas of the porcine brain has been made by Saikali S., Meurice P., Sauleau P., Eliat P.A., Bellaud P., Randuineau G., Vérin M., Malbert C.H., "A three-Dimensional Digital Segmented and Deformable Brain Atlas of the Domestic Pig" : (

you may need 3DSlicer to view the atlas

It might be handy to 'process' images or image albums with the versatile public-domain program ImageJ. A plugin is available that extracts TIFF images from the nifti format, and that might be very handy

An on line histological atlas of the pig brain is available obtained from the Brain Museum (

In the library you can get "Stereotaxic Atlas of the Pig Brain", by Felix B, Leger M-E, Albe-Fessard D,, Brain Research Bulletin 49 (1999): 1-138.